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Sunday 18th Feb 2006
This is just the start
Hello everyone today I am launching this new page which I will update often. It will contain information on topics which touch my life. Like the gadgets I have from the Sony Ericsson P900 my cell phone (also created themes for it) to the Olympus D550 the Digital Camera, I am an avid photographer I have 2 SLRs also. If you need any particular photoshots from around Chandigarh just contact me. Info about the city called Chandigarh, India where I live. Info about the latest trends in design, Flash 8, Photoshop, Software Development Analysis (ability to run the complete application even before its made, in your mind) User Interface Design. We (I am not selfish) look forward to making this space interesting for you. I started out as a web designer from Chandigarh, Punjab, India.

Monday, 25th Sep 2006
Going to UK
Well I have got the visa which by itself is an achievement for an unmarried guy so UK here I come… I am flying out on 2nd Oct, 2006 by Virgin Atlantic flight VS 301. I have prepared the electronic stuff including the camera external hard-disk, ipod, cds, laptop and mobile, besides the usual stuff. So keep on checking in to get the latest updates and some pics too.